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XVII/1, January 2014

Editor’s Comments
James Santucci

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (1953 – 2012)

Joscelyn Godwin
Jeffrey D. Lavoie
Tim Rudbøg

From the Newspapers
"Buddhism in New York" (The Day Star, September 30, 1886)
Introduction by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

H.P. Blavatsky and the Wreck of the S.S. Eunomia
Erica Georgiades

Book Review
Asia Mysteriosa (Asia the Mysterious): The Oracle of Astral Force as a Means of Communication with "The Little Lights of the East"
Joscelyn Godwin


XVII/2, April 2014

Remembrance   John Drais (1940 – 2014)
                  John Drais: In Memoriam
                                                      Sally Lee, Abbot of the Paracelsian Order (Dulzura, CA)
                  John Drais’s Theosophical Connection
                                                      Ken Small, Point Loma Theosophy Network
                  The Paracelsian Order and Its Theosophical Work
                                                      Remarks prepared for the New Religious Movements Class at
                                                      California State University, Fullerton (October 17, 2013)

                                                      David and Nancy Reigle

Magicians, Muslims, and Metaphysicians: The American Esoteric Avant-Garde in Missouri, 1880-1889
                                                      Patrick D. Bowen

Book Review

L’Énigme René Guénon et les “Supérieurs Inconnus”: Contribution à l’étude de l’histoire mondiale “souterraine.”
[The Enigma of René Guénon and the “Unknown Superiors”: A Contribution to the Study of “Subterranean” World History.] 
                     Joscelyn Godwin

XVII/3, July 2014

Editor’s Comments
                                    James Santucci

                  Zöllner’s Knot: Jean Delville (1867–1953), Theosophy, and the Fourth Dimension

Massimo Introvigne

                  P.C. Mukherji and Theosophical Archaeology

                                    Andrew Huxley

Book Reviews

                  Esoteric Christianity Or The Lesser Mysteries
                  Invisible Worlds: Annie Besant on Psychic and Spiritual Development

Kevin Tingay


XVII/4, October 2014

Editor’s Comments
                        James Santucci

            The Chakras: An Editorial Report
                        Kurt Leland

            Report on The International Theosophical History Conference: 20–21 September, 2014
                        Lynda Harris

Book Review
            A Search for Meaning in Victorian Religion. The Spiritual Journey and Esoteric Teachings of Charles Carleton Massey
                        Robert A. Gilbert