Saturday, July 20, 2019
The following items are open-access and available to all: Theosophical History Vol. 1-10, Occasional Papers Vol. 1-5, All THC documents!

Volume IV

Title: W.T. Brown’s “Scenes in My Life”
Author:  Michael Gomes
Description: William Tournay Brown’s most detailed account of his life under the pseudonym Carwood Gerald Clarke, includes the letter he received from the “Unknown Brother,” Koot Hoomi, “regarded by many as the most remarkable of the age,” and his tete-a tete with a Brahmin who was “well dressed, handsome, and seemingly of about 40 years of age” while “crossing the plain on the outskirts of Lahore City,” presumably the Master in the flesh. Also of special interest is Brown’s positive assessment of H.S. Olcott, quoting in full both a letter from Olcott to Brown and an address by Olcott to the Prayag Psychic Theosophical Society, entitled “India, Past, Present and Future.”
ISBN: 1 883279-03 (1995)
Price: Print copy no longer available.